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B.B. King Live Set List von 2004 shows

(Montreux Jazz Festival 2004)

01   Blues-Band

02   Blues-Band

03   Instrumental

04   Why I sing the blues

05   Every day I have the blues

06   I Need You

07   Bad Case of Love

08   Please accept my love

09   When Love Comes T o Town

10   Instrumental

11   Caledonia 

12   All Over Again

13   Early In The Moment

14   Key To The Highway

15   Rock me baby

16   The thrill is gone

17   I Know

B.B. King Live Set List von 2002 shows

01   Six Pack (Inst. by the Band)
02   Let The Good Times Roll
03   I'll Survive
04   Bad Case of Love
05   Peace of Mind
06   Caldonia

07   Blues Boys Tune (inst)
08   Early in the Morning
09   Just Like A Woman
10   You Are My Sunshine

11   How Blue Can You Get
12   Rock Me Baby
13   Key To The Highway
14   The Thrill Is Gone
15   I Know
16   Please Come Home For Christmas

17   Don't Go No Farther
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